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The Oluna Biqua Elite Guard was a security force that was based in the city of Oluna Biqua, on Genarius, during the Clone Wars.


When the population of Oluna Biqua was infected with the gas Trinex-M, some members of the guard managed to avoid contact with it by wearing enviro-suits. Twelve of them accompanied the Cerean Ti-Ori Tamun, the city's second-in-command, when he traveled to Port Epsilon, the city's emergency port, to meet with the Heroes of Cularin, who arrived aboard the YT-1220 Headliner. The Guard escorted them to an office, where the city's Comptroller, Nestin Thokor, was waiting for them.


The Guard wore battle armor and were armed with blaster rifles and vibroblades. They also carried multichannel comlinks and datapads.


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