The Omega-class freighter was an Imperial freighter class.



An Omega-class landing.


The Omega-class freighter was gray and bulky, with a main hull similar in design to an AT-AT body. The enlarged midsection had sideways ramps for embarking and disembarking of cargo. The cockpit was at the front, located at the bottom of the main hull. It was connected with the main hull via a narrow access corridor. The aft section featured stubby wings with winglets. Located at each corner of the main hull were extendable landing struts, four all together.[2]


Taking off.


The freighter had two different sets of engines: Three in-line arranged engines located at the back of the ship provided the main propulsion. A different set located underneath the ship was used for vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) procedures. Two engines were located under the midsection, another one at the front.[2]

The engines gave the ship enough maneuverability to evade fire from ground-to-air laser batteries.[2]


Cockpit interior.


The cockpit was located the lower front of the main hull and had a similar design to that of the Lambda-class or the Kappa-class shuttles. Connected with the main hull via an access corridor, the cockpit had room for a crew of two and an astromech droid. The crew had seats side-by-side with an astromech scomp link access panel between them.[2]

While it was possible for a single astromech to completely handle all the ship’s functions at once, a normal pilot could not operate the freighter without the help of a droid.[2]

Weapons and defenseEdit


Firing turbolasers

The freighter was armed with at least 2 fire-linked turbolaser cannons. These weapons were mounted in the forward main hull, above the cockpit. Although only forward-facing, the weapons could fire at various different angles, even directly downwards. The weapons could be controlled by an astromech droid directly from the cockpit.[2]

For defense, the Omega-class lacked any shields and had to rely on hull armor. It was vulnerable to laser fire as well as physical objects.[2]

To prevent tampering with the ship’s system, the nav-computer could be secured with a silent alarm system that warned the owner of any unauthorized access via remote.[2]


The cargo bay.


As this ship was a freighter, most of its interior was designed to handle cargo. The main hull was completely hollow, allowing for the storage of numerous cargo containers. On both sides of the midsection the ship had large ramps that allowed for embarking and disembarking larger pieces of cargo or several smaller pieces at once. Cargo had to be loaded by droids either by hand or repulsor sleds.[2]

The ramps could be opened mid-flight, which led to unsecured containers falling out of the ship.[2]



Omega-class freighters at Mos Eisley.

At least one of these freighters was used during the occupation of Biitu in 15 BBY.[2]

The Mos Eisley Imperial garrison used several of these freighters.[1]



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