Omicron 2 was a Rebel Alliance Beta-class ETR-3 escort transport.

During the Imperials' and the Rebels' operations in the Airam sector Omicron 2 was involved with building Airam/Rebellion relations and transported a number of Rebel officers to the Goff system. There it docked with a Goff, a deep-space supply platform whose owner's clan had agreed to service Rebel ships. Unfortunately for Omicron 2 the Empire had scheduled an attack-and-capture mission with the platform as its target.

Omicron 2's last run began when the Imperial strike force demanded its surrender. Bravely, although also foolishly, the Rebel starship refused and instead launched a salvo of torpedoes. Imperial starfighters then showered it with weapon fire, badly damaging it. Faced with imminent destruction, Omicron 2 agreed to power down and be boarded. All those aboard were captured.