Omin-Oreh was a pilot in the Rebel Alliance, originally from a star system at the bottom tip of the Outer Rim. He spoke rarely, and was soft-spoken when he did. Serving aboard the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Independence, Omin-Oreh was a talented pilot, with promising deflection shooting, described by the others as "likely to survive."

Omin-Oreh was picked to serve as Keyan Farlander's wingman, along with Namrhe, to fly BTL Y-wing starfighters defending the shuttle Hunter while it captured an Imperial transport carrying officers to the Death Star.

The Y-wings launched at 0455 hours and by 0547, Omin-Oreh was floating in a bacta tank back on the Independence after being seriously wounded when his ship was shot down while protecting Farlander from Imperial fighters launched from the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Immortal as he attempted to prevent the transport's recapture.

He returned to active duty shortly before the capture of the frigate Priam.