"You should know the darkness has been with us for centuries. My father, his father…"
―King Ommin, speaking of his dark side heritage — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Ommin's father was a Human male native to the Inner Rim planet of Onderon.


He was King of the planet Onderon from an unknown date until his own death, presumably in the year 4018 BBY, at which time his son Ommin ascended to the throne in his place.

A thrall of the dark side of the Force, Ommin's father was trained in the ways of the Ancient Sith by the spectre of his ancestor, the deceased Dark Lord of the Sith Freedon Nadd. In the tradition of his forefathers, after completing his own apprenticeship under Nadd, he instructed his son, Ommin, in the ways of the dark side.

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