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Ona Antilles was a female Human Lieutenant who served in the Galactic Alliance Remnant. She was also a member of the Antilles family and the daughter of former Galactic Alliance Triumvirate member Bail Antilles.

Lt. Antilles was present when the Jedi delegation joined the fleet, and was temporarily second-in-command of the fleet after the attempted assassination of Admiral Gar Stazi.

When the Galactic Alliance Remnant set up its base in Pau City on Utapau, Antilles was promoted to be Admiral Stazi's personal aide and greeted Jariah Syn and Deliah Blue who want to sell Admiral Stazi weapons. The two pirates desired to negotiate with the Admiral in person. But their intent was to watch for any assassins sent by Vul Isen after the Admiral. Syn spotted the assassin and dispatched him before he could kill Stazi. Antilles then advised the Admiral to quickly return to his flagship, to which he refused, as their wounded were in danger as well.


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