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"And we are all aware that Onaconda was a flawed man. He knew better than anyone of his own mistakes, but he never compromised his principles, and what he did, he did for his people. Their needs always came first."
Silood, in a eulogy at Onaconda Farr's funeral[src]

Onaconda Farr was a male Rodian politician that served as the Senator of Rodia in the last years of the Galactic Republic. In the early days of the Clone Wars, Senator Farr felt compelled to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems in order to secure much needed supplies for his planet. Farr returned to the Republic cause with the help of his friend, Senator Padmé Amidala after capturing Viceroy Nute Gunray, and securing Republic Aid for his people.[1]

Senator Farr remained a staunch Republic Loyalist for the remainder of the war and was noted for his involvement in several attempts at ending the conflict, along with a group of like-minded Senators, such as: Padmé Amidala, Bail Organa, and Mon Mothma. Farr was murdered by his personal aide, Lolo Purs amidst a debate regarding the Republic military enhancement bill, as she was upset because he brought the war to their homeworld.[2]


Early YearsEdit

Onaconda Farr was born on Rodia prior to 32 BBY. At some point, he became senator of Rodia and had two aides, Pa Dua and Tox Don who kept him company at most 32 BBY through 22 BBY.

He was Ruwee Naberrie's strongest ally in the Senate which is why Naberrie's daughter, Padme Amidala called him "Uncle Ono".

Prior to the Invasion of Naboo, Amidala became the Monarch of Naboo.

The Invasion of NabooEdit

At 32 BBY, the Trade Federation invaded Naboo and Amidala fled to Coruscant to plead to the Senate for help.Farr and his aides were present when Amidala did plead to the Senate.Unfortunately, some of the Senators wanted proof and to send a commission to know what really happened. Chancellor Valorum was one of them and asked Amidala if she would admit a commission. Amidala refused and at Senator Palpatine's advice, voted a Vote of No Confidence, which made the majority of the senators agree too. After that Palpatine was elected the new Chancellor.

The Separatist CrisisEdit

In 22 BBY, he was present with Tox Don and Pa Dua when the Senate agreed to make clone troopers to fight for the Republic.

The Clone WarsEdit

After the Battle of Geonosis, he watched as clone troopers getting into their transports and going away. He later joined the Council of Neutral Systems and was by Duchess Satine Kryze's side at some affairs.

Later, Farr's aides Pa Dua and Tox Don were replaced by Silood and Lolo Purs. Afterward, Jabba the Hutt's son is kidnapped and he pleaded for the Republic to help. Farr was present in Palpatine's chambers during this time.

Some time afterward, when Farr was in Rodia, his planet was invaded by pirates and destroyed Rodia's supply ships. Afterwards, Rodia's citizens were starving without their food. Separatist leader Nute Gunray realized that this was the perfect opportunity to turn Rodia over to the Separatists. Gunray told Farr that he would supply Rodia with food, ships and protection if he joined the Separatists and he had to submit Gunray's old rival, Senator Amidala to them. Farr, determined to save his planet, agreed to Gunray's offer. He contacted Amidala and asked her if she could come personally to Rodia.

Mission to RodiaEdit

After Amidala arrived at Rodia, she told Farr that she missed him. Farr then told her he thought she might not come. Amidala said that since he was an old friend, she'd always help him. Farr said that friendship he hasn't witnessed of the Republic because they didn't come to help when the pirates arrived. Amidala promised Farr he'll get his food but then Farr told Amidala about Gunray's offer. Amidala said that Gunray can't be trusted and that he will bring war to Rodia like he had created the Battle of Naboo on her home planet. Farr told her it was to late just as Separatist droids surrounded her and took her away to Rodia's prison.

Soon, Farr got the news that Gunray had arrived and that there were no sign of Amidala's friends. Thinking they fled in the jungle, Farr went to greet Gunray. As they walked to Amidala's cell, they spotted Jar Jar Binks whom they thought was a jedi because of his cloak. Gunray ordered the droids to destroy him. But Binks got away. Later, Farr asked why the supplies hasn't arrived yet and Gunray pretends to be shocked and that his request will be taken into consideration after Amidala's execution. Farr shocked, said that wasn't part of their deal but Gunray told him to be quiet and that Rodia was now under their protection. Farr realized he'd been tricked into joining the Separatists and that the "Jedi" was their only hope.

Later, Amidala escaped from prison and started an ensuing battle. Meanwhile, Binks fell into the ocean. At some point in the battle, there was a great explosion in the ocean. Assuming Bink's dead, Amidala stopped fighting to mourn. The Separatists surrounded Amidala, to Farr's horror. Farr begged Gunray not to kill Amidala, but Gunray refused.

But the Binks came up with a sea creature and defeated the Separatists. At the end of the battle, he came up with a blaster to Gunray. Gunray pleaded with Farr to shoot Binks and Amidala but Farr refused and called authorities. Farr thanked Binks and said he wasn't the wisest of foolish jedi he had ever met. Then Palpatine holographically promised Farr that he'd send supplies to Rodia.

Skirmish aboard the CoronetEdit

In 21 BBY, he attended a Senate meeting and after that he exited almost immediately prior to the Mission to Cato Neimoidia.

Later, he was at a spaceport and talked with Senator Kin Robb.

Later, Satine Kryze invited Farr to join her on a voyage on the Coronet. On the Coronet, he was present when Kryze and Obi Wan Kenobi argued over Mandalore's neutrality. At dinner that very night, droids started attacking the cruiser. After hearing the news, the dinner guests and Kryze herself stood up. Kenobi defended them. At some point, he fell on the ground. After he got up, everyone had dinner again. But Kenobi decided to test the guests and see who's responsible for this skirmish. He had one of the terrorist droids in a jar and said it would try to kill everyone except its maker. They realized it was Tal Merik. Merik immediately flicked the jar and it tried to attack Kryze but Kenobi knocked it to the floor. It then tried to attack Farr but Kenobi destroyed it. Eventually, the Coronet docked at its station and all of its guests left.

Later, Farr talked with citizens at the Monument Plaza. After that, he walked down the halls after a Senate meeting.

Later, he was put on hostage with a group of senators in the Senate building in Coruscant by bounty hunters. But later, the bounty hunters were defeated and everyone was freed.

He was present at the Senate Building later on when it ran out of electricity.

Onaconda was present in a Senate meeting and witnessed Padme announcing that not all Separatists are evil but all the other senators disagree. After the meeting, he accomponied Padme and said he was sorry for her disgrace at the Senate. He, Bail Organa and Amidala decide that they should take a loan for more logistic supplies in order to gain some means of fighting the deregulation bill. But however Amidala and Farr learned that not only that the Clan is charging the Republic an extraordinarily high interest rate of 25 percent, which by itself would drain public funds for many of their social programs, but also that they are financing more than three million Separatist battle droids as well. 

That night, Farr was beaten up by Robonino and Chata Hyoki and got a broken arm in the incident, but he assures Amidala that no matter what, he'd always vote to reject the bill. Later, he congratulated Amidala on her speech.

Later, they lost one vote for no more clone troopers in the Senate. Later, Padme gave another speech. After that, Farr greeted her.


Mon Mothma, Purs, Farr, Organa and Amidala decided to have drinks in honor of the speech. While they were talking a private conversation, Halle Burtoni came in and started saying that for once, Amidala actually made sense. She insisted that it was private and Burtoni asked if it was Separatist conspiracy. Farr then told her to leave and as Burtoni left, she told everyone that the war won't end soon. Mothma said he's doing a great job supporting them. Farr said he's only trying to do what's right and he wished he did that long ago. But Mothma insisted he was doing it now. Then Senator Organa did a toast for victory. After that, everyone drank their drinks. But after Farr drank his drink, he started complaining about his heart while Amidala asked what was wrong. Farr then dropped his drink to the floor and fell down dead. Amidala held Farr while she frantically screamed for help.


Ono was given a funeral which all of his friends attended. The Republic decided to investigate who killed Farr as there was poison in his drink. They eventually came to the conclusion that Lolo Purs did it because she was angry about what happened when Farr went with the Separatists briefly a year earlier.



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