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"It's not exactly the best of places to be visiting. It's a tough place, filled with all manner of lowlifes. I just don't want anyone getting their expectations up that this will be some sort of romantic holiday or something."
Han Solo[src]

Onadax was a planet in the Minos Cluster. It was the location of an ODT compound that was infiltrated by Jaina Solo. The small world was thick with dust, which drifted knee-deep into corners, fouled machines and droids, and irritated the eyes.

In the early days, the small planet was an agglomeration of asteroids, and as a result it had a rampant population of mynocks. Han Solo played a game of sabacc there against a Givin, a Ruurian and a Yarkora called Talien. He was accused of cheating after he played a very unlikely hand and was attacked by the Ruurian bounty hunter. The brawl was ended by a Whiphid bouncer who led Solo to his boss.


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