The Onderon Royal Family was the dynasty that ruled the planet Onderon and its moon, Dxun. They included:

Family treeEdit

Freedon Nadd--+--Unknown female
    (Unknown generations)
              |                      Drokko Kira--+--Unknown female
              |                                   |
            Ommin--+--Amanoa                 Modon Kira--+--Unknown female
                   |                                     |
                 Galia----------------+--------------Oron Kira
                       (Unknown generations/ancestors)
                                      |           ?-+-?
                                      |             |
                                 Modon Kira--+--Lady Kira

Vaklu was the son of an unknown brother or sister of either Galia or Oron Kira, and therefore Talia's cousin. It is also unknown from whom Modon Kira and his wife descended.



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