The One Liner, formerly the Flat Liner, was originally a stock YT-1300 light freighter purchased by Erlick Frodar during the Galactic Civil War. After being heavily used for spare parts for other vessels, the One Liner was sent on one last mission to assist in the evacuation of Jatee, where it was destroyed.


The One Liner was originally a YT-1300, but after being used for spare parts it was barely functional by the time of the evacuation of Jatee. By the time of its destruction almost all its primary systems had been taken out and replaced with either backups, or cheaper models. Its life support was on backup only, its sublight drives were damaged, and its hyperdrive was a poorer substitute for the stock YT-1300 model. "The One Liner" was painted unceremoniously on its hull by rebel technicians.[1]


The Flat Liner was purchased by Erlick Frodar after his discharge from the Imperial Navy. Erlick intended to become a freighter captain in his home Demophon sector. Unfortunately he could not compete with the legal interests there, and after going bankrupt he and the Flat Liner turned to smuggling. The Flat Liner was regularly used to ferry rebel agents, posing as mercenaries, to their destination, and was involved in many dogfights with the Imperial Navy. When Erlick was recruited by the Alliance, the Flat Liner went with him. It remained in service until Erlick accepted a position as commander of Asteroid Base. Since Erlick was no longer a space captain, the Flat Liner was first reserved for evacuation, and then with Erlick's permission used for spare parts. It was during this time that it was rechristened the One Liner by rebel technicians. Its final mission was ferrying rebel agents to Jatee to help evacuate the Ssither to the Demophon supernova. After its arrival it was destroyed to prevent any Imperial attention.[1]


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