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This article is about the comic. You may be looking for the story.

One of a Kind is a story in Clone Wars Adventures: Volume 8.


Arriving on Kamino with a pair of clone troopers, Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi meets with Taun We, informing her of a Separatist plan to steal the original genetic source of the clones. As Master Mace Windu contacts Kenobi, reminding him to be aware of the Zeltron bounty hunter Vianna D'Pow, the hunter herself appears around the corner. Killing the clones, D'Pow is reminded of her childhood, where she was mocked for being the only albino of her red-skinned race. Taunting Kenobi with the gene sample, she runs outside and leaps atop an aiwha, closely followed by Kenobi, who manages to land on the beast's tail. Crashing into the water in the throes of combat, the aiwha dives, sending D'Pow and Kenobi into a heated combat underwater. D'Pow narrowly escapes, grappling onto her speeder, while Kenobi believes that her mission as a gene thief is a failure- having managed to retrieve the genetic sample of Jango Fett. Returning to Tipoca City, Taun We informs him that her personal mission was a success: D'Pow had previously placed an order for a clone of herself. When asked if the order should be canceled, Kenobi allows it to proceed, simply stating that nobody "should have to be alone".


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