Twi'lek lovers

Ko'lek and Oo'rha

Oo'rha was a Twi'lek female from Twi'lek mythology who belonged to the Rha clan. According to folk stories, at a time before the three moons of Ryloth glowed with the red light of the sun, her future lover and Lek clan member Ko'lek once found a hidden passageway that, unbeknownst to him, led to a settlement of the Rha clan. After following the secret passage for hours, using a glow-fungus lantern to guide himself, Ko'lek ended up in the kitchen of a warren belonging to the Rha clan.

Not knowing where he was, Ko'lek hid behind a bin of munch-fungus in an alcove, waiting for the the women cooking at the clan's great furnaces to leave, so that he could snatch some funge-bread for himself. It was then that he met Oo'rha, as she came back to retrieve the forgotten loaves of funge-bread. Oo'rha, ignoring the fact that Ko'lek was from a warring clan, helped him to hide, as she found him handsome.

The two soon fell in love, keeping their relationship a secret from everyone else. One day, after Ko'lek took Oo'rha through a tunnel that led to an ancient balcony near the top of the Lonely Third for a view of the mountains, a sudden heat storm ignited, killing both of them instantly.

The story of Ko'lek and Oo'rha became a popular cautionary tale among Twi'lek mothers in Kala'uun to discourage their children from wandering about the hidden passageways in clan warrens.