"Was that really Vader's weapon?"
"Who knows. And really, who cares?
―Vermia and Ooblamon discuss the lightsaber after selling it[src]

Ooblamon was a Kubaz male thief who, alongside his apprentice Vermia, met with several Acolytes of the Beyond on the planet Taris in a business transaction, in which he sold them a lightsaber that he claimed had belonged to the Sith Lord Darth Vader, sometime after the Battle of Endor. He demonstrated the weapon's abilities to the buyers by killing an assassin-spider with it and then refused to hand it over till he received his payment. Once paid, he asked the Acolytes a few questions and then gave them the weapon. When the buyers were gone, the Kubaz revealed to Vermia that he had no idea if Vader had ever really owned the blade.


"You get squirrelly and think to use that laser sword on me or my cohort, this will not end well."
―Ooblamon warns the Acolytes of the Beyond that he is armed[src]

The Kubaz Ooblamon worked as a thief alongside his rat-faced apprentice and cohort, Vermia. At some point after the Battle of Endor, he and Vermia met with a group of three women in an abandoned tenement on the planet Taris in order to sell them a red-bladed lightsaber, which he claimed had once belonged to the Sith Lord Darth Vader. In the ruined tenement, with the curtains drawn, Ooblamon demonstrated the blade's abilities to the buyers by bisecting a fat assassin-spider. As Vermia drew back the curtains to shed light on the deal, the woman asked to view and then hold the saber, but Ooblamon refused to hand it over until they offered up the credits they had promised.[1]

The three women then demanded to know if it was truly Vader's blade, to which Ooblamon responded that he could not prove it, but that it was the color they wanted. After an argument amongst themselves, the buyers then each produced a small box marked with strange sigils and offered them to the Kubaz, who refused to take them, allowing Vermia to do so instead. As his apprentice counted the credits, Ooblamon questioned the three women on who they were, learning that they called themselves the Acolytes of the Beyond. Once Vermia confirmed that they had received full payment, he then made to hand over the weapon, but first revealed a blaster on his belt, promising that he would use it if they tried to attack him or Vermia with the saber. As the acolytes took the blade and left, Ooblamon called out one final question to them, asking what they planned on doing with the weapon. The woman revealed that they planned on destroying it so that it might return to its master in death. Once they were gone, Vermia questioned Ooblamon on the authenticity of the blade, and he revealed that he neither knew or cared if the weapon had really belonged to Vader.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"No. Not until I see the money. Money talks or Ooblamon walks."
―Ooblamon refuses to hand over the lightsaber until he is paid[src]

Ooblamon was an unkind individual, whose heart warmed at the sound of rattling credits. He neither knew nor cared if the weapon he sold on Taris was authentic, and laughed when he learned that its buyers planned on destroying it. He was a long-snouted male Kubaz who spoke in his native tongue, allowing Vermia to translate for him.[1]


Ooblamon wore goggles with gold-lenses and kept his head wrapped in red scarves. He wore a brown, grungy robe, underneath which he concealed a blaster.[1]

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Ooblamon first appeared in one of the interludes in the novel Aftermath, which was written by Chuck Wendig and released in 2015.


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