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This male Ho'Din was the grandfather of Oojoh, a boy with a strong connection to the Force who was training at the Jedi Tower on Taris in the years following the Great Sith War. In 3964 BBY Oojoh was slain by his own Master Feln during the Padawan Massacre of Taris. After the only survivor of the class, Zayne Carrick, had cleared his name of the accusations of committing the massacre, he and Shel Jelavan founded Rogue Moon Project, an organization supposed to help refugees and wrongly accused fugitives like they themselves used to be. The families of other Padawans were brought together and Oojoh's grandfather began working at the organization. When Carrick and his crew managed to rescue several slaves from the Sungrazer cooperative in the Koornacht Cluster, Oojoh's grandfather ran a freighter that picked the Dustdivers and delivered them to the refugee center.


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