"Please accept my assurances that General Parnell is making every effort to locate Ire Eleazari."
"I hope so, if the Empire wishes a base on Ithor, my herd must never learn the truth about Ire's disgrace."
―Oosea talking with an Imperial colonel[src]

Oosea was a male Ithorian from the planet Ithor. Unknown to the rest of his herd, he began cooperating with the Galactic Empire. With his cooperation, the Imperials began plans to create a base on the planet Ithor. When Oosea was discovered, he framed his fellow Ithorian Ire Eleazari. Eleazari was banished from the herd after being framed, but worked with the Erling Tredway to clear his name.


Notes and referencesEdit

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