Ootoola was the vastly oceanic homeworld of the Ootoolan race. The world was located in the Morshdine sector of the Outer Rim Territories.


The planet's governmental power shifted many times in its tumultuous past. Originally, a theocractic monarchy existed, in which the ruler took the role of both political and religious leader.


An Ootoolan.

A rebellion, however, soon arose that opposed this system. A coalition of reformers, known as purists, deemed the king impure, and thus unworthy of the throne. In 33 BBY, they overthrew and killed him and his wife, nearly destroying the royal family forever. The purists then took control of the planet, naming the Revolutionary Purist Council the ruling class.

The last remaining heir, however, still lived. Princess Foolookoola took refuge on Dur Sabon, returning after Devaronian smuggler, Vilmarh Grahrk, obliterated the capital building, and the revolutionaries with it. The princess soon re-established the royal house, and resumed rule in her father's place.

Ootoola was also a planet under the administration of the Galactic Republic.

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