The Ootoolans were a species of amphibious sentients indigenous to the aquatic world of Ootoola. Due to their fish-like appearance, the members of this race were given the unappealing nickname of "fishface" by the Devaronian smuggler Vilmarh Grahrk.


The Ootoolans lived under a theocratic monarchy in which the planetary ruler also acted as the chief priest of their religion. Because of this dual role, many of the inhabitants considered the king to be "impure", and as such they murdered him along with his wife in 33 BBY, nearly extinguishing the royal line. These radical reformists replaced the aristocrats with the Revolutionary Purist Council and elected their own leader.

Princess Foolookoola, daughter of the murdered monarchs, was the last heir to the throne. Since she would be the purists' next target, Vilmarh Grahrk was hired by the remaining loyalists to aid in her evacuation. With his help, along with that of her assistant, Naradan D'ulin, the princess escaped to Dur Sabon. After Grahrk decimated the grand palace, then occupied by the revolutionaries, the royal house was re-established, and the purist rebellion was forever silenced.



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