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The Opaline Creed was a religious cult army from the planet Crucival. It was one of the many factions constantly fighting for control over the planet after the death of the Warlord Malkhan.

The Creed initially enjoyed great success and prosperity, amassing great amounts of food, water, and gold, but was soon defeated through unknown means like many powerful clans before them.[1]

Traditions and beliefsEdit

Their doctrines included worship of a being known as the "Hieroprince" which drove them to oppose the other clans of Crucival. They labeled these clans as heretics for not worshiping the Hieroprince as they do.

The Creed's holy book was known as the Tome of the Hieroprince.[1]

Followers of the Creed recited oaths of loyalty in the morning and at night, and listened to readings from the Tome of the Hieroprince. Not being present for a ceremony required the offender to pray for penance for an entire night.[1]

Members of the Creed were given new names; there were at least seven different Umus, including the boy who would eventually become Hazram Namir.[1]


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