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Operation: Stoneduster was part of the SpecForce Incident, in which General Elin Garza sent the new commander of the Havoc Squad to track down them Squad's previous rooster, who defected under Harron Tavus. After Havoc Squad arrived on Tatooine following the tracking signal on Vanto Bazren, aka Fuse, they made contact with Anchorhead Mayor Oleg Klerren, learning about a series of bomb attacks in the city. Fuse himself regretted his defection and secretly contacted Klerren via holo, explaining his involvement and leading Havoc Squad to track and eliminate Kyvax, the leader of the Empire's Geonosian allies and Colonel Gorik, the leader of Imperial forces himself. By the time Havoc Squad reached Kalarath Imperial Encampment, the base was preparing for self-destruct, while Gorik made a run for his shuttle. Havoc Squad Lieutenant faces the choice of either saving Fuse by shutting down self-destruct, or pursuing Gorik. Eventually the choice was made in favor in saving the collaborator, leaving Gorik escape. [1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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