"The true attack—the one on Fel—is going to look like a diversion."
"There's going to be another?"
"Against the Solos. And they'll believe that they're the true targets."
―Drikl Lecersen and Haydnat Treen, discussing Operation Duusha[src]

Operation Duusha was organized by Imperial Remnant Moff Drikl Lecersen in an attempt to advance his conspiracy with Kuat Senator Haydnat Treen to take over control of the galaxy. Lecersen learned that Imperial Head of State Jagged Fel was going to dine with members of the Solo family at the Pangalactus restaurant on Coruscant. He enlisted Kester Tolann, a reactionary man who was strongly opposed to Fel, to attempt to assassinate Fel. However, Lecersen knew that the attempt would almost certainly fail, and thus orchestrated it in hopes of reducing public sentiment toward Fel and Galactic Alliance Chief of State Natasi Daala, helping to clear the way for his and Treen's rise to rulers of the galaxy.

When Fel and the Solos arrived at Pangalactus, Fel learned that Daala knew of their meeting and demanded to dine in a different room. Meanwhile, Tolann received the signal to attack, which was Destruction of Alderaan in watching recreated holodrama in the room next to Fel's and barged into their room. However, before he could pull off his assassination—in which he was to committ suicide by triggering a detonator attached to his body—he was shot dead by Fel's security personnel. Two YVH-series battle droids then entered and attacked the group, although they, too, were defeated, with no casualties.

Despite the fact that neither Fel nor any of the Solos had been killed, Lecersen considered Operation Duusha to be a success. The Jedi Order, the Solos, and Fel suspected that Daala might have been behind the attack, and Fel guessed that Daala and one of the Moffs had conspired against him.