Operation Flotsam was an ongoing mission of the New Republic Defense Fleet to survey battle sites, examine wreckage and collect potentially dangerous or valuable artifacts.

Created and funded with the passing of the Historical Battle Site Preservation Act, Operation Flotsam operated a varied fleet of old Gallofree Yards, Inc. transports which carried any acquired debris and used automated SM-series scavenger droids to scavenge battle sites. Once debris of interest was located, the SM-series droids worked with DA-series droids to determine its relative value. Collected pieces were then cataloged, vetted by New Republic Intelligence Service and passed on for processing. The artifacts collected by Operation Flotsam were disabled for security reasons and displayed in the Alliance War Museum on Coruscant.

The Operation was overseen by NRI Major Rin Hawaz, who had previously analyzed the growth of private battle site scavengers, and the effects the HBSPA and Flotsam had on their work.