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"There will be no extraction. You find him? You kill him…then and there."
Davits Draven to Cassian Andor[src]

Operation Fracture[5] referred to the operation undertaken by the Alliance to Restore the Republic to extract scientist Galen Erso so he could testify to the Galactic Senate regarding the existence of a planet-destroying superweapon.[5] However, before the mission began, the objectives were changed to assassinate Erso instead.[1]

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General Airen Cracken had given Captain Cassian Andor a mission to uncover why the Galactic Empire was secretly shipping Kyber crystals.[5] Andor's mission lead him to the Ring of Kafrene, where he learned about a Imperial cargo pilot named Bodhi Rook, who had defected to Jedha with a message from scientist Galen Erso regarding an Imperial supeweapon.[1]

After Andor contacted the Rebel Alliance with this information about Erso, Draven approved a mission to send Sergeant Ruescott Melshi and his Extraction Team Bravo to Wobani to retrieve Galen's daughter Jyn from a labor camp.[5] Jyn was freed and returned to Base One, where she was debriefed. Draven was suspicious of Jyn, calling her a petty criminal and rebel deserter, and did not want her to be involved in Operation Fracture. His concerns were overridden by Chanceller Mon Mothma, who felt that Jyn was the only one who could identify Galen, and pointed out that her crimes were always against Imperial forces or other criminals, not the public.[5]

Mission OverviewEdit

Captain Andor's orders, as issued by General Draven:[5]

Primary ObjectivesEdit

First PhaseEdit

  1. Escort Jyn Erso to Jedha and accompany her to the Holy City.[5]
  2. Contact Saw Gerrera's militia, with Erso's cooperation.[5]
  3. Locate Imperial defector Bodhi Rook[5]
  4. Discover the location of Galen Erso from Rook or Gerrera, then contact Base One if possible.[5]

Second PhaseEdit

  1. Find and identify Galen Erso (confirm with Jyn Erso or Bodhi Rook).[5]
  2. Extract Galen Erso and return to Base One, along with research about the superweapon. Erso must return alive so he can testify to the Imperial Senate.[5]

Secondary ObjectivesEdit

  1. Observe Kyber crystal mining and transportation operations on Jedha for possible sabotage missions.[5]
  2. Gather intelligence about Gerrera's militia, operations, facilities, and how the local population feel about Gerrera's Partisans.[5]
  3. Gather information about the Imperial superweapon test.[5]

Behind the scenesEdit

Operation Fracture first appeared in the 2016 Star Wars anthology film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story but wasn't identified as such until the Rogue One: Rebel Dossier reference book written by Jason Fry.



Notes and referencesEdit

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