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"The purpose of Operation Influx is simple: the interdiction of baradium product by the Sith Lord Daiman. Recent intelligence from a high-quality source in the Grumani sector indicates Daiman has discovered on Chelloa what would be considered, for Sith space, the mother lode of baradium, a compound used in a wide variety of explosive devices. With the mines on that ready to begin shipping to Daiman's war forges nearer the front lines, we propose to take a portion of Chelloan production offline before it alters the balance of power in the region."
―Vannar Treece outlines the goals of Operation Influx[src]

Operation Influx was a three-stage Jedi military operation led by Jedi Master Vannar Treece during the Republic Dark Age in 1032 BBY. It was originally named Operation: Deadlock by Jedi Knight Kerra Holt; however, it was changed when Vannar Treece pointed out that stalemating the Sith Lords against one another was one of their goals in the mission, it would not be something they wanted to express openly.[1] It sought to disrupt the production and supply of baradium by the Sith Lord Daiman.


Its main goal was to disrupt the production of baradium by the Sith Lord Daiman's princedom known as the Daimanate. Baradium was an essential element used in the production of munitions. According to intelligence relayed by the undercover former Jedi Knight Gorlan Palladane who was based on Chelloa, Daiman's scientists had discovered the mother lode of baradium, a compound which could be used in the manufacture of various explosives. Daiman intended to use this new discovery to aid his war effort against his rival and estranged brother, Lord Odion.[2]

The operation involved infiltrating Sith Space via the planet Oranessan, a key regional transport hub. This would then be followed by a raid on Chelloa itself. The Jedi mission would then depart on a direct hyperspace line to neutral space. Despite its initial successes on infiltrating Oranessan, the Jedi mission was killed on Chelloa during an attack by the Sith Lord Odion who unleashed a kinetic corruptor which razed large areas of the surface. Odion himself personally slew Vannar, leaving Kerra Holt as the sole survivor of the mission. Despite the failure of the operation, she succeeded in establishing contact with the Chelloan resistance led by Gorlan and helped evacuate the planet on the Freedom Fleet during the Destruction of Chelloa.[2]





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