OMM, short for Operational Multisystem Management, was a vast computer network spanning the Corporate Sector. OMM functioned simultaneously as a centralized information database accessible to all corporate employees within the Sector and an advanced security monitoring system constantly on the lookout for unauthorized corporate malfeasance and unauthorized access by slicers.

OMM was the highest priority computer system in the CSA and was constantly updated by hyperchannel communications, using channels reserved in the Galactic Empire for the military or government intelligence. Its information was accessible to all for a price. High-level Corporate executives were given expanded access to OMM as an employment perquisite.

OMM required extensive maintenance, and the CSA provided a massive staff of technicians and computer experts. The hiring for the OMM was unusual, in that it consisted largely of individuals caught trying to slice into the system. OMM technicians included embezzlers, corporate spies, disaffected youth and slicers from all walks of life. They were offered the choice between execution and a position as a "counter-slicer" for OMM. Counter-slicers were under constant observation, closely monitored for loyalty to the CSA. Those who relapsed into criminal activity were once again threatened with execution. OMM was a successful security system that was never seriously breached or damaged in the history of the Corporate Sector.

Behind the scenesEdit

"OMM" is a reference to OMM 0910, the state-sanctioned deity in THX 1138.