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"What is…that?"
"I’ve seen reliefs like that here on Coruscant, in ancient districts. Ophidian grotesques, I believe they’re called?"
"Grotesque is certainly an accurate description.
Conan Antonio Motti and Bevel Lemelisk[src]

The ophidian grotesques were styles of design used in the most ancient districts of the planet Coruscant. The grotesques were distinguished by sinuous patterns in their design, which were variously identified as snakes, vines, or tentacles.

Pre-Republic specialists like Doctor Insmot Bowen identified recurring artistic motifs like the ophidian grotesques in ancient civilizations that were believed to have had contact with the Celestials. Such motifs were also found on the worlds Caulus Tertius and Shatuun, although these planets had been rendered uninhabitable in unknown cataclysms that Bowen believed were caused by the Celestials.

After defeating the dark side being Abeloth in 44 ABY, Jedi Luke Skywalker investigated ancient ruins on Abeloth's planet, where he found designs resembling the ophidian grotesques.



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