Opit-Wenbrugh was a Tren and a Rebel infiltrator.

Opposed to Imperial ideology since he was very young, Opit-Wenbrugh felt betrayed when the Trens voted to join the Empire. Being loyal to his people, he served in the military, as was mandatory.

However, once this service ended, he decided to devote his every effort to exposing the xenophobia and tyranny of the Empire. Opit-Wenbrugh then joined the Alliance and became a veteran during its first days in the Tynquay Skirmishes.

Opit-Wenbrugh was then assigned to the Scandium Team as a heavy-weapon specialist. Although most of the Scandium Team died during the Wellte-ir Massacre, Opit-Wenbrugh was among the few survivors. He then served as a weapons technician and designer. He eventually joined Brace Team, an Alliance group that specialized in using heavy weapons to create a barrier between Alliance and Imperial forces.