"Kyle, we need you back at Ops! They've got us pinned down!"
New Republic commander[src]

Ops was the name used to describe the center of operations for the New Republic base located on the planet of Altyr V. During 10 ABY, Imperial troops arrived on the planet during Operation Shadow Hand. The base's leaders—a commander, Jedi Kyle Katarn and his apprentice Mara Jade, and an officer—converged at Ops to discuss the Imperial strategy. Katarn opted to find and steal an Imperial shuttle to use against the Imperial before disembarking to a hangar bay. He was cut off from Ops soon after, in which case Ops came under direct attack from Imperial forces who drilled through a wall. Katarn eventually returned to Ops to help the officer fend off the Imperials, though the commander and Jade had decided to make their way elsewhere in the base. Katarn left Ops soon after, leaving the officer behind. Eventually the Imperial attack was repelled long enough for the New Republic troops to escape the planet for a larger fleet of ships could arrive.