The Orange District of Coruscant was the unofficial name of an under city area on the planet that was known for its orange glow and huge apartments, due to the orange lights that lit the area and the large amount of criminals that resided there. The Galactic Senate tried to replace the orange lamps with standard issue glow lights, but its residents would always revert back to the old lighting, and eventually the Senate let it be. Similarly, the Empire tried to search the apartments one by one, but that proved to be a too strenuous mission, even for the ever-expendabe Stormtroopers, so that the Senate ended that order as well. The Orange District served as home to the Erased during Ferus Olin and Trever Flume's search for Jedi until they (save Dexter Jettster) left the district to search for Solace. Since then, the Orange District remained peppered with orange lanterns and rebels.

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