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Orbital Defense Cannon

An Orbital Defense Cannon on Khons.

The Orbital Defense Cannon, also known as the Planetary Defense Gun, Defense Cannon, Orbital Gun, Orbital Cannon, and Planetary Cannon, was a type of space station that was armed with a very powerful anti-ship cannon. Its role of defense was against enemy starships. The cannon was powerful enough to damage a Mere cruiser significantly. If placed on a moon correctly, it could be used for an orbital bombardment.


The cannon consisted of four primary components: a barrel, a capacitor, a focus array and a casing. With all four of these, it was possible to salvage and rebuild a cannon if it was destroyed.


The Orbital Defense Cannon was used in the Battle of Nod Kartha, where one of the cannon's projectiles severely damaged the Mere cruiser Kethor. Despite the firepower, the Mere Resistance and the Lok Revenants, led by Nym and with the help of Jedi Master Adi Gallia, managed to punch a hole in Nod Kartha's defense. Afterwards the pirates decided to do a salvage run and found enough components to rebuild one of them. However the Sabaoth Squadron under the command of Lieutenant Bella in the Sabaoth Destroyer Reaver also had the same idea. Despite her best efforts the Lok Revenants got the components onto the Tritus. They then got the cannon set up on one of Lok's moons known as Khons.

The Cannon was then used in the Second Battle of Lok which Nym used to take back his base.


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