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The Orbitblade-2000 was an armored aerospace transport manufactured by zZip Motor Concepts. A four-meter long repulsorlift vehicle. It was crewed by a single pilot, carried two passengers and 200 kilograms of cargo. The vehicle had a flight ceiling of a hundred and fifty kilometers. Below ten kilometers from ground level, it could only achieve sixty hundred and fifty kilometers per hour; at greater heights, it could travel a thousand and fifty kilometers per hour.[1]

The craft had a forward concussion missile launcher, and was one of the few private vehicles to carry armament. Being so lightly-armed, it was seldom used by military or police, instead being used by the companies' enforcers and criminal elements,[1] such as the Bounty Hunters' Guild. It was armored though, comparable to Incom Corporation's T-47 airspeeder, which was used by the Alliance to Restore the Republic on Hoth. Unlike the T-47, the Orbitblade's cockpit was environmentally sealed, able to protect the occupants from a poisonous atmosphere, such as that on Drackmar.[2]


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