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Ord Cantrell
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Ord Cantrell system

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De-Purteen (Capital)


Ord Cantrell was an Outer Rim planet. It was originally an Ordnance/Regional Depot under the Galactic Republic. It was one of the galaxy's most exclusive resorts. During the early days of Duros exploration, it was settled by a colony of Duros that lost contact with the galaxy and reverted to simple technology before dying out.


After the destruction of Byss in 11 ABY, Ord Cantrell's capital city of De-Purteen served as capital of the Imperial Interim Ruling Council. After Black Sun assassinated several members of the council, Xandel Carivus disbanded it and made himself Galactic Emperor under the instructions of the Yuuzhan Vong agent Nom Anor.

Carivus also ordered the arrest of Feena D'Asta, the daughter of Baron Ragez D'Asta—a pro-Imperial leader who controlled the largest privately owned fleet in the galaxy. In response, a furious Baron D'Asta used his fleet to attack Ord Cantrell, forcing Emperor Carivus to plead for peace and to return his daughter safely. Later, the Imperial Royal Guard Kir Kanos slew Carivus.

The planet was then taken under New Republic control. During the Yuuzhan Vong War, the world was conquered by the invaders[1].

Ord Cantrell was presumably retaken by the Galactic Alliance following the war.

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