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Ord Vaxal was a planet on the outer periphery of the Inner Rim, near Hutt Space.


Ord Vaxal street

A Rodian is apprehended on Ord Vaxal.

Ord Vaxal had a 11,254-km diameter. It had three continents and numerous archipelagos. Its local day lasted 25 standard hours; its local year lasted 288 standard days. Indigenous creatures include risps and trighas.

It was an Ordnance/Regional Depot and a prison planet. A number of animals were imported to the planet: jungle banthas, eopies, rontos, and nerfs. The prisoners took control of the world in the Jailbreak of 20 BBY.

Under Imperial rule, Moff Adria Reyn allowed Sassallo the Hutt of the Besadii kajidic to practically rule the world. Sassallo and Adria once almost captured Han Solo and Lando Calrissian.


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