"For twenty thousand years, my order has fought the nests. We know their hibernation cycles, the secrets of their Joiners."
―Chanya Medaal.[src]

The Order of Extermination was a group that resided on the planet Alderaan and had existed for twenty millennia. They were completely dedicated in dealing with the threat of the Killiks that slept underground. These individuals abandoned their ties to the noble houses and instead kept a vigilant watch over the insectoid aliens during the centurysleep. Whenever the Killiks awoke, the Order was tasked with eliminating the threat through the use of fire.

Its members were known as Knights of the Order of Extermination and believed in the First Huntsmen, Codex Chitinous along with the Blood of Aldera. One of their ritual greetings were "Ventadya droth, we no fora." They held a significant amount of lore regarding the Killiks such as the use of chanmasu herbs with it scent discouraging their enemies. Knights of the Order completely abandoned ties to the Alderaanian houses and worldly pursuits in order detach themselves from possible distractions to their mission.

By the Cold War era, the Order had been reduced to only a few individuals. In this time, the mythical Black Hive had awoken and began eliminating entire armies of Alderaanians. This saw Chanya Medaal of the Order of Extermination ally with agents of the Sith Empire in House of Thul to defeat this Killik threat by targeting the Joiners.