"I can't imagine how Ulum rose to his position among the customs officials a Brentaal starport. Some say he was a lowly starport traffic controller who bribed someone for a transfer and promotion. It wouldn't surprise me."
Platt Okeefe[src]

Orem Ulum was an Imperial chief customs inspector at Brentaal IV starport. He typically wore an officer's cap to control his mop of blonde hair, his credit pouch prominently visible in his belt, and a silly expectant smile when greeting freighter captains.

Ulum was typically accompanied by four customs troopers, but did not allow them aboard the ship to be inspected till he had arranged the inspection terms with the captain of the ship. The inspection terms typically involve a hefty bribe or a "present" from the captain's private store of liquors or the like. Ulum would normally suggest what he called an "inspection fee" of 100 credits, but usually expected at least 200.

He would typically inspect all cargo himself, leaving the customs troopers to watch the crew of the inspected vessel. He was generally meticulous, but if paid a big enough bribe, he would even overlook major violations.


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