The organic gill, sometimes known as an oxygen symbiote was a breath mask that allowed most humanoid species to breathe underwater for an indefinite period of time.


The gill was manufactured by the Mon Calamari using an engineered symbiont that converted the oxygen dissolved in water into gaseous form. The symbiont lived for several weeks; during that time it could function on a constant basis. Because the symbiont took oxygen from the water, there was no need for a cumbersome tank. This made the gill popular with tourists and explorers alike. Sullustans however could not use organic gills because they were allergic to them. The gill readily accepted physical implants such as comlinks and goggles, freeing up the hands of the user. The gill usually had a price of 200 credits and a weight of 0.1 kg. It could be used for about one month, then the gill died and became useless.


Organic Gill

Mon Calamari Organic gill

Minister of State Leia Organa Solo utilized an organic gill when she visited Mon Calamari to find Admiral Ackbar after the disaster on Vortex. She and her guide, Cilghal used the gills to travel for hours under the water to the Knowledge Bank, which gave the location of the Admiral's whereabouts.



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