Orl Miscord was a male Skyholme Lucite who masqueraded as a beast tamer with the caravan of exotic beasts owned by Sala Vindako on the planet Weik.


A Skyholme Lucite, Orl Miscord was duplicitous and obsessed with obtaining the Grimoire of Syclos the Lame. When rumor reached him the businesswoman Sala Vindako was in possession of the book, he joined her caravan as a sage and beast tamer, helping her capture a dust stalker in the Madlands. As the caravan passed through Vossport, Miscord released the dust-stalker in hopes that it would kill Vindako so that he might take possession of the ancient book. He wielded a staff imbued with the Force and a razor-dagger he kept concealed in his sleave.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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