"We won't forget this betrayal! We will not forget!"
―Orliss Gillmunn, to Anakin Skywalker[src]

Captain Orliss Gillmunn was Human male who was one of a handful of Jabiimi leaders who escaped Alto Stratus's purge of the Jabiim Congress.


Gillmunn rallied the forces loyal to the Galactic Republic and fought to win back the planet. Gillmunn believed that the Republic would do anything to support the Jabiimi Loyalists. However, when Republic forces surrendered the planet to the Separatists, acting planetary commander Anakin Skywalker used the limited evacuation dropships available to retrieve the Republic's own clone troopers, leaving the Jabiimi loyalists behind with the words, "This is your war now."[1] Captain Gillmunn felt betrayed and swore his people would never forget what the Republic had done. The next year, during the fighting, he was killed by Thorne Kraym in the Battle of High Rock Canyon.

Gillmunn was the father of the future leader of the Jabiimi Resistance against the Galactic Empire, Nolan Gillmunn.

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