Orman's Sky Palace was a cantina on the planet Lianna, in the city of Lola Curich. It was one of the planet's best-known establishments, boasting the city's longest bar that was able to seat dozens of patrons. It was owned by the free Chev Orman.


Orman's Sky Palace was located in the city of Lola Curich on the planet Lianna, not far from the Lola Curich Starport. Like most Liann buildings, the structure had no windows, with only a front door providing access for patrons, a door in the kitchen leading to the alley, and a door for the private garage beneath the building. The main area of the Sky Palace could accommodate hundreds of patrons. To the immediate right of the front door were thirty-two booths arranged in groups of four along the wall. Each group was accompanied by a faded holograph depicting one of the worlds of the Allied Tion sector including the forests of Amarin, Spinax III's seascape, pre-industrial bright skies on Lianna itself, Desargorr's mountains, a ruined fortress on Dravione, Embaril's hills and lakes, deserts and ruins on Cadinth, and Chandaar's city of Ambaril. Dozens of tables filled the middle of the floor.[1]

The bar was the longest in the city, and was a series of long sweeping curves that could seat dozens of customers at once. It was made of polished lizard skin from Cadinth. Three bartenders staffed the bar during busy periods. The performance stage was a bright blue, and set a meter above the floor. A combination of holoprojectors, movable poles and lights, along with sound and haze generators, were present to aid performances. The bar had restrooms catering to both dominant sexes, male and female.[1]

The private areas of Orman's Sky Palace were reserved for the staff and visiting entertainers. Orman maintained a well-appointed office on the premises, decorated in white with a desk, computer, and couch. Orman was usually on the premises during the establishments opening hours. There were three dressing rooms for the various entertainers to get ready in, and a prop room containing stage equipment. A large kitchen catered to the patrons, and included three cooks, two busboys, and two dishwashers. It was stocked with modern appliances including two reconstitution vats. Three storerooms were used to store the food and liquor. A private garage was located under the premises, with a ramp to street level. It usually contained private landspeeders belonging to the staff and a couple of scooters.[1]



Orman's Sky Palace was owned by Orman, a free Chev businessman. His primary goal was to make money, and often spied for the Galactic Empire and turned in suspected Alliance to Restore the Republic agents for a fee. He employed several thugs to assist him in his business dealings. These thugs included the Humans Ekh the Red, Sandi, and Fish, the Gamorrean Steef, the Quarren Wheade Daud, and the Twi'lek Adon'aris. Fessi was a female Human who worked as a dancer at the Sky Palace.[1]


The customer base of Orman's Sky Palace was diverse; Imperial officers, pirates, loan sharks, bounty hunters, spacers, and Santhe/Sienar Technologies employees were all known to frequent the establishment.[1]


During the Galactic Civil War, Orman's Sky Palace was the site of a rendezvous between a group of Alliance to Restore the Republic agents and Jenna Lars, an operative on the planet. Initially, it was a simple drop to pass information on to the local Alliance cell regarding sector wide plans. However, during their arrival on Lianna, the agents had witness the Imperial fleet in orbit attempting to recover a modified probe droid with a new cloaking device. Lars arranged for the agents to meet with the main Alliance contact on the planet, Terri Karl, where they embarked on a mission to steal the plans to the cloaking device and corrupt the Imperial's data.[1]


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