Oro Otel was a male Sullustan scout who was a member of the Gray Griffins, a scouting team that served the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. After the Alliance made a deal with the Radell Mining Corporation, Otel and the Griffins were sent to perform some exploration work for the RMC and they discovered the planet Alluuvia in the Elrood sector. However, the Grffins' 3-Z light freighter Whisper was attacked by The Scourge, a band of pirates that operated in the region, and Otel and the other Gray Griffins were captured. The scouting team was imprisoned in The Scourge's base on the planet Dega and they became malnourished as a result of their treatment. However, they were eventually rescued by a group of Alliance agents, and Otel and his compatriots were subsequently transported to the planet Elrood to receive medical treatment.