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"You can run but cannot walk;
"You have a mouth but cannot talk;
"You have a head but never weep;
"You have a bed but never sleep."
―Orphne's riddle[src]
Orphne was a female being of an unknown species who resided in the underworld of Aleen. Though not necessarily Force-sensitive, Orphne did possess magical powers similar to those of the Nightsisters. However, her abilities seemed to be much more Light side-based than those of the Nightsisters. For example, she could transform into a shimmering cloud of pink light. Her species was humanoid, with four digits on each hand, and had an unusually long tongue. She could move about much quicker than a Human could.

During the Clone Wars, the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO stumbled into Aleen's underworld while on a mercy mission. They were directed by the Kindalo to visit Orphne, whom they said would show them the way to the surface.

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