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The Orramas was a passenger liner which operated a non-stop service from Starstation 12, a port in orbit around the Outer Rim world of Vestar, to Coruscant, the galactic capital.

Upon being declared an Enemy of the Empire, the rogue Imperial colonel Abal Karda booked passage on the liner, disguised as a Duhman under the alias of Mixxim. Beset with paranoia, Karda secluded himself and had his meals delivered to his cabin.

Several days into the voyage, he informed the ship's captain that he would be debarking on Maryx Minor, dismissing the captain's protest that Maryx was not a stop on their course. Sure enough, Orramas subsequently suffered engine trouble which forced a stop-over for repairs on the nearest planet, Maryx Minor, at which point Karda left the ship and vanished into the wastes, carrying with him nothing but a plain, kneebhide casket.

Boba Fett later rendezvoused with the liner on Rim 3 to question the captain of the Orramas about Karda's location, obtaining clues which eventually led him directly to his quarry's hiding place.


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