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Orta the Hutt was the "fringe" element that represented a consortium of "independent businesses" with interests on the Crystal Web Station in the negotiations to get a piece of Lucent technology in 4 ABY. The businesses he represented included smuggling operations, information brokers, and other "less than legal" activities occurring on society's fringe. Though the New Republic and Imperial delegates did not appreciate his inclusion, they did have to live with it.

Though he attempted to obtain sole access of the item so that he could become the exclusive distributor of crystal web technology, the Lucents would not have this. That did not stop Orta from trying, however, and he even went so far as to hire thugs to try to take out the competition; though, of course, these thugs were not traceable back to him, and they did not succeed anyway. In the end, the technology was given to all parties involved.