Osae Meilea was a female Sullustan working for the Hutt kajidics during the Galactic Civil War.


Following the destruction of the first Death Star she was sent to the jungle moon Yavin 4 to oversee the illegal salvage operation of the Hutt Expeditionary Force. While there, she met with a spacer whom she paid 1,000 credits to get Nagem Dr'Lar, a contractor in charge of Imperial salvage operations, to stop her operations on the moon. After the individual defeated Nagem's bodyguard, Yakasoba, Nagem agreed to do whatever Osae said.[1]

After this, Osae again hired the individual for 5,000 credits; this time to wipe out Ewosa Soci's two businesses, first his grave robbers who were his source for Sith and Massassi artifacts, and then his smugglers at his smuggler camp who were supplying him with spice. This was all done to get Soci on her payroll, as he had access to very valuable information which she wanted. The individual managed to accomplish these feats, and afterward convinced Soci to work for Osae, as he was a creditless and broken man.[1]

Some time after this, Soci contacted the individual and informed them that the Black Sun were attempting to smuggle out a cargo of Death Star salvage. Osae once again turned to this individual, tasking them with capturing the cargo and forcing the ship to return to the moon. After the spacer managed to capture the medium freighter Lupus Maroo, it was attacked four times on the way to the rendezvous. When it finally got there, Osae agreed to ship the cargo to whomever the individual requested, and rewarded them with 10,000 credits.[1]



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