The Ossus Academy's main hangar was located on Ossus in a cliff face facing the academy building. It was used by the New Jedi Order until the destruction of the academy during the Massacre at Ossus.

Layout and usageEdit

The mouth of the hangar emptied into a small hangar where maintenance was performed on all ships docking there. Off of the hangar was the flight control room that monitored all of Ossus' airspace. The main flight control room was designed with a holoprojector in the center, with several control stations surrounding it. The hangar was supervised by the non-Jedi Orame, who oversaw all activities within the hangar. It was here that Luke Skywalker learned of Dark Jedi Alema Rar's escape from Cilghal's lab, and later it would serve to help the invading GAG in their hunt for Jedi.

The Temple ziggurat was equipped with four landing pads that stretched out from the main structure for small craft to land on. Connected to the four main pillars holding up the inverted pyramid and surrounding the Garden Level of the academy, supplies and technical supplies were delivered using these pads. It was upon one of the four platforms that Kol Skywalker fell to Sith attacks.


The roof top landing pad after the Temple abandonment.

Upon the roof of the academy building was a platform for diplomatic vessels to land for meetings with the Jedi. Other platforms existed in the surrounding grounds.