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"There are some pretty large tree frogs on Ossus. They've even been known to bring down tee-sixty-five trainers."
―Jaina Solo[src]

Ossus tree frogs were a breed of frog native to the planet Ossus. They nested in the trees of the forests near the Jedi Academy, and had incredibly long and powerful tongues, the likes of which were known to ground T-65 trainer craft. They could even pull down a ship as large as StarDrive Dactyls if enough frogs attached themselves to the hull via their tongues.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Ossus tree frogs were first mentioned in Legacy of the Force: Inferno by Troy Denning. The creatures, and their capabilities, are discussed in a three-way conversation between characters Jaina Solo, Zekk and Jagged Fel.



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