Ostan Atur was a a skilled Lowen saboteur who proved to be a hindrance to several key Republic installations like the Qua'Tahc meleenium mines on Af'El under the jurisdiction of the New Republic.


Oswan Atur was born on Low'n, a populous world in the Mid Rim, and was surrounded by cutthroat mercenaries, smugglers and others of questionable character. Having learned how much saboteurs were paid, she decided to pursue the career at an early age and used her knowledge to find employment in the Lesser Plooriod Cluster. She eventually landed a generous contract with the Ithorian gangster Tolad Dor of the Nilg system.

Ostan worked for Dor for nearly two years, disabling equipment and allowing her companions in crime to enter various installations for looting, or, as in the infamous case of Imperial Colonel Sil Ompren's demise, rigging detonators to certain repulsorcraft. She also crippled many starships, allowing Dor's minions to collect goods from the stores and sell them on the invisible market. She was an invaluable part of Dor's growing syndicate.

Seeking more profit, she relocated to the little-known Minos Cluster, and after entering a partnership partnership with the Reigat bruiser Talak, was chosen by Rani Quanic to aid in the theft of a valuable shipment of 100 kilograms of meleenium from New Republic mines.

Using her considerable technical skills, Atur disabled several of the security monitors, emergency repulsorcraft, and the several B1 worker droids on duty in one of the Qua'Tahc tunnels' southeast shafts. The lack of surveillance enabled Atur and her companions to escape relatively easily.

Atur's list of crimes against the New Republic increased when a group of three Republic operatives came upon the fleeing trio of thieves. In the ensuing battle, Atur and her companions forced the New Republic agents to take cover by spraying the area with blaster fire. All three of the Republic operatives were injured, two quite seriously by a subsequent attack by Talak.

By the time she was 29, there was a reward for capture of 25,000 credits (15,000 offered by the New Republic; 10,000 offered by the New Republic-aligned Af'El government) for crimes of sabotage, destruction of New Republic property, accessory to theft of Republic property, accessory to assault of its personnel, resisting arrest, accessory to smuggling of stolen goods, and aiding and abetting known criminals.

Personality and traitsEdit

As a result of being raised among cutthroat mercenaries, smugglers and other lawbreakers, she took to the customs and became both quite independent and dauntless, seeking bigger and better opportunities and more challenging assignments.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Having learned a great deal about technology of all sorts while frequenting Low'n spaceports and tech shops, she was capable of computer and droid programming and repair, demolition, first aid, repulsorlift and transports repair, and was skilled in disabling all these types of equipment.


She was usually seen with a blaster pistol, a comlink, a datapad, a pocket computer, and a security tool kit.