The subject of this article appeared only in a Star Wars Tales 120 story that was referenced in no other Star Wars Legends source.

Lucasfilm considered all Tales 120 content that was not "completely outrageous or intentionally comic" to have some level of canonicity within the Star Wars Legends continuity. Editor discretion is advised.

Otalp was a male Squidge and the den-brother of Remoh who lived long after the death of Luke Skywalker. His species was being oppressed by the Vindar.


Inspired by a vision from his den-mother, Otalp set out in search of the storyteller with a skeptical Remoh in tow. After a long journey, they found the storyteller, broken down and inactive, in a cave. After they reactivated him, the droid told them a tale of a hero who led the fight against a dark oppressor and brought hope to the galaxy. When Vindar discovered the cave, Otalp told Remoh to hide, and gave his life to protect his brother.