Otoh Cathedrals were religious buildings in which the Gungans of Naboo worshipped their ancestors during the last decades of the Galactic Republic. As all underwater buildings conceived by the Gungan society, the cathedrals were hydrostatic bubbles grown from refined bubble wort. The bubble itself rested upon a tetrapod utanode assembly to which four smaller spheres were attached. The cathedrals were topped by a crown of three spiral swirls, and they also contained musical devices that emitted a distinctive metallic sound. Like the High Tower Boardroom, its inner layout featured a supplication platform, a crescent-shaped dais and a series of illuminator beacons. At least one such structure was built in New Otoh Gunga during the colonization effort of Ohma-D'un in 32 BBY.[1]


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The bells of an Otoh Cathedral
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