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"Ex-squeeze me, but da most safest place t'would be Gunga city. 'Tis where I grew up... 'Tis a hidden city."
Jar Jar Binks[src]

Otoh Gunga, also known as simply Gungan City, or Gunga City was a Gungan city located beneath the surface of Lake Paonga on the planet of Naboo. Its bubble-like buildings were in fact hydrostatic force-fields that contained breathable atmospheres for their occupiers, and had special portals that allowed its inhabitants to enter and exit. Since the Gungans actually grew the building material of their cities from the natural plasma of Naboo and bubble wort extract, the structure of Otoh Gunga was a hub and spoke network.[1] The city notably housed the High Council, which ruled over the Gungans from the High Board Room.[2] The city was originally built by the Gungans in order to avoid contact with their surface-dwelling Naboo neighbors.[1] When the Trade Federation invaded Naboo, their armies stormed the swamps, forcing the Gungans to abandon Otoh Gunga.[3]

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