The Otoh Gunga Garden was the name of a hydrostatic bubble located in the central district of the Gungan city of Otoh Gunga on Naboo.


The premier sporting arena of Otah Gunga, the Garden could house tens of thousands of Gungans seeking to be entertained by a vast number of sports. Originally built to house bongo racing, A water filled race tube wrapped around the lower interior of the Otoh Gunga Garden and orb-shaped monitors were present around the arena bubble's ceilings that broadcast images for spectators to watch the event. The exterior of the Garden was lined with pits and garages, while ranks of bleacher seats ringed the circumference of the bubble. Private luxury boxes clung to the supports that soared up to the bubble's apex; the Boss and members of the High Council maintained their own boxes here. In addition to racing, the Garden came to support concerts, religious ceremonies, and political rallies.[1]



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